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I didn't know he lived with me.

I had no idea he was in my house. I never saw him, not even when I walked right past him. That's how well he hid from me. Incredible, right? I mean, how can someone NOT know there's a strange guy in her living room? Let me show you.

First, some backstory. I live in Delaware, the second smallest state in America. Living in a small state is terrifying. You can't make a mistake. If you do, your blunder will define you. All of your friends will tell all of their friends, who will remember that you're the one who yelled at a prominent lawyer during a high school lacrosse game. Because I'm incredibly embarrassed that I lost my cool at my daughter's sports event, I leave Delaware as often as possible.

One of my trips took me to Wyoming, which is the 9th largest state and 2,000 miles from home. No one in Jackson Hole knew that I hiccup when I yell at prominent lawyers. The anonymity was fantastic. So were the views. I took this picture of the Teton Mountains while we rafted along the Snake River...

This picture hangs over our fireplace. Every time I gaze at it, I remember that wonderful trip. I assumed that my kids liked to look at the picture, too.

Wrong. A few days ago, my daughter said that she sees something VERY disturbing in the picture. Here it is:

Do you see him? He has tired eyes, a regal nose, and a stern mouth. In fact, he looks a LOT like the lawyer I met at the lacrosse game!

Are any of you haunted by your embarrassing moments? Please share them! I promise not to tell a soul.




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