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I gobbled up my first romance novel in college and whooo boy, it was a LOT more interesting than my accounting class. I graduated with a business degree and a heavy crate of paperback novels.

Those books provided a much-needed escape from the bleak reality of a new job in a lonely city. Whenever I picked up a romance novel, I escaped to a fictional small town, met friendly people, and fell in love with characters who'd do anything for each other. In those books, there was always a happily-ever-after.

I found my happily-ever-after when I married a large chemist who thought I was hot. When we had a cute baby, I became a stay-at-home mom (my favorite job). When I needed an escape from diapers and visits to the pediatrician's office, I wrote my first novel and discovered that writing romance was as much fun as reading it.

If you long for an escape to a place where you can be surprised by tough guys with tender hearts and smart women who like to laugh, try one of my award-winning books.

Fun facts about me:

- I'm obsessed with golf and play every weekend.

- Making stuff is my favorite thing to do. I often paint, make pottery, and take photos.

- My two daughters are my favorite people.

- There's a deaf Sheltie in my house and she loves to bark. 

- I served two terms as President for my local chapter of Romance Writers of America.


Hi there!
I'm Lynn Kellan.

*Please know that I always read the reviews posted about my work. Your opinion matters to me!*

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