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Victor Antonov has no job, no home, and no hope after a fire destroys his restaurant. Everyone believes he started the fire, mostly because he looks like someone who'd do something evil. He's got a huge scar on his face and he's built like Frankenstein on steroids. To clear his name, he must find the man who threatened to ruin him; but Victor's hunt for redemption can't begin until he finds a place to live. He promises to work at an old farm in exchange for free room and board.

Nari Chen bought the farm to provide a safe place for her troubled brother, but the old house is a disaster. Accepting Victor's help might be a disaster, too. He's unpredictable, fiercely protective, and makes her heart stutter. She can't afford another complicated relationship; she must stop her brother's downward spiral and tame her sister's wild streak. When the search for answers about her sister's lifestyle leads Nari straight to Victor, she might have to stop the formidable man she's invited into her home...but when he finally kisses her, she doesn't want to stop him at all.

Whenever Victor needs something, he gets a scar. Now he needs Nari to trust his unspoken promise: he'll protect her from any threat. But when his quest to clear his name puts him at odds with the one woman who craves his kiss, Victor has to decide what's more important: his redemption or his promise.