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These are so good, I read them over and over. Every time I dive into these pages, I find something new. Click on the covers to find them on Amazon. (Some publishers might change the look of the book covers, so don't worry if they look different from the original covers pictured here.)


(These have affiliate links, which pay a small commission at no cost to you.)

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Lucy and Joshua are up for the same promotion, and their battle could cost Lucy her job. When they're forced to team up for a project, Lucy trips on the fine line between love and hate.


Sabrina has never met a soul she couldn't charm, until she comes face-to-face with the son of her father's lifelong enemy. 


An ice-cold war hero never dreamed love would be his last battleground. His choice is stark: risk losing her, or do the one thing he vowed he never would...surrender.


Emma is about to marry a powerful laird to save her father from debtor's prison, but Jamie Sinclair bursts into the abbey and abducts her before the ceremony.


Riley Thorn is divorced, broke, and living with a pack of elderly roommates. Then a so-hot-it-should-be illegal private investigator shows up on her doorstep looking for a neighbor who turns up murdered...and Riley knows who did it.


When Catherine marries Clay Forrester, it's the social event of the season. In reality, it's a marriage of convenience. The only thing that threatens their arrangement is the unexpected arrival of love.

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Ivy has one rule: never get involved with one of her father's Gray needs to use all his skills to win Ivy's heart. Game on.


Olive kisses the first guy she meets in the hallway, who happens to be the well-known tyrant/professor. He agrees to be her fake boyfriend, and surprises her with his unyielding support...and six-pack abs.


An AI app matches Jess to the stuck-up, stubborn Dr. River Pena. Jess agrees to a few dates, if only to prove there's no such thing as a soulmate.

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Liz Danger returns home after fifteen years and stumbles into a shocking murder. And Vince Cooper, the local cop with the great butt, begins to suspect that Liz was the intended target.

Lucy's cheating husband, Bradley, stood her up in divorce court. And then someone tries to shoot her. Sexy cop Zack Warren is determined to protect Lucy from her ex, who might be trying to kill her.

Agnes and Shane have their hands full with florists, treachery, flamingos, attempted murder, mayhem, the mob, mothers of the bride...and each other.


Vlad joined the Bromance Book Club to learn how to make his wife love him. He's ready to create his own sweeping romance, both on and off the page.

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He caught her when she dangled helplessly from a window, and now they're forced to pose as husband and wife to escape a terrible storm. ONE OF MY ALL-TIME FAVORITE ROMANCES! 

Ophelia Goodnight has given up on romance. She'll settle for a roof over her head, which she happens to inherit out of the blue, but the castle comes with an angry, fearsome aristocrat who refuses to move out.  

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Dawson Scott is desperate to solve a mystery, but as he digs into the story, he falls for the woman who might be guilty of hiding the secrets he needs to reveal. (Every Sandra Brown book is a true page-turner!)


Mary must catch a vicious murderer, but someone is already on the case, and the last thing he wants is a partner. She's determined to work with Jack Talent, if only to prove he is the killer in the night. 

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