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Meet the Antonov brothers: ordinary men capable of extraordinary love. 

RUN TO HER (Book one)
Gabe Antonov is a mechanic who can fix everything but himself. After a one-night stand goes sideways, he's haunted by regrets. Those regrets ease every time he's with Leigh Nelson, his running partner. He's willing to tell a lie to get closer to her, but that small lie causes big damage. She no longer trusts him. When Gabe attempts to repair what he's broken, he discovers why she needs someone to trust: Leigh is going deaf.
(This is a sexy romance, with a hot alpha male who is dealing with a mild panic disorder triggered by a bad one-night stand.)

TURN TO HER (Book two)
Ivan Antonov is a true genius, with more patents than any other graduate student on campus. Everyone thinks he’s a brain with no heart, and they might be right. Whenever he opens up, anger spews out. He’s tired of being used for his intellect, tired of fixing everybody’s problems, and tired of the women’s groups that spew man-hate all over campus. Before he graduates, he’s going to dismantle those groups. His quest inadvertently targets Tia Garcia, the stunning psychology intern who lives next door.
(This is an enemies-to-lovers contemporary romance.) 

PROMISED TO HER (Book three)
Victor Antonov lost everything in a devastating fire. Too many people think he started the fire, and who can blame them? He looks like a demented monster. There’s a huge scar on his face and he’s built like Frankenstein on steroids. To clear his name, he must find the man who ruined him. First, though, he needs a place to stay. He promises to become Nari Chen's live-in handyman for one month. When Victor's quest for answers begins to unearth damaging secrets that can hurt Nari's troubled brother and sister, she has to stop him.
(This is a "beauty and the beast" type of contemporary romance, with a splash of suspense.)

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