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Danielle Cooper is in big trouble. She lives on a farm that killed her husband, and she's afraid this property will suffocate her. She can't run a 400-acre farm by herself. She's got no money. She's got two sweet little boys to feed. And now her deaf brother-in-law has just showed up with an unusual solution. He’ll pay off her debt in exchange for the deed. All she has to do is agree to a temporary marriage to put the farm in his name. 

Hale Cooper wants more than just the farm. He wants to redeem himself after his father disowned him. A marriage in-name-only is the best way to reclaim his birthright, but Hale's feelings complicate matters. He wants this marriage with Danielle to last more than six short months. 

Now more is on the line than just the farm. Danielle is the only way Hale can come home, but can she trust a deaf man with too many secrets? 

ANYTHING YOU ASK won the NJRW Golden Leaf award for best published novella in 2014 and received a 5-star "top pick" review from The Romance Reviews.

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